League Executive – Draw for Lineage


The Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers Association (A5PBA) will be recognizing the efforts of all League
Executive members by holding a draw with one winner receiving paid lineage for the 2022 –
2023 season.

Due to the short season last year, this draw is held over. All entries received last season can enter again and ALL entries will be eligible for the draw.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The following executive members are eligible for the award:
    a) President / Vice-President
    b) Secretary / Secretary-Treasurer / Statistician
    c) Treasurer
    d) Local and zone association executive members holding the above positions.
  2. Executive may enter once in every league in which they hold an executive position, as
    defined above.
  3. The league executive member must hold a current Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association
  4. Forms must be returned by January 15.
  5. Completed entry forms shall be returned to:
    Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers Association
    432 – 14 Street South Or Fax to 403-320-2676
    Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2X7 Or email a5pba@telus.net
  6. There is no fee for entry.
  7. One winner will receive one (1) league’s lineage only (to a maximum of $400), which will be
    paid directly to the appropriate bowling centre.
  8. The draw will be made at the Hi-Lo Doubles Provincial Tournament.
    Note to Proprietor:
    To be eligible, please submit ALL information in the form provided.
    If there are insufficient lines to enter all League Executive in your
    bowling centre, please photocopy this page before using. To receive an
    electronic copy for ease of entering data and sending, contact A5PBA
    Headquarters – email a5pba@telus.net.

Printable Rules and Entry Form