C5 Return to Play Protocol

Canadian Five Pin Bowlers Association (C5PBA)


National Competition Protocol


The C5PBA are not experts on pandemics and therefore all Federal, Provincial/ Territorial and local government and Public Health Authority information, guidelines and directives supersede this policy.

NOTE: Formats may be adjusted by the C5PBA Tournament Committee as required.


The following protocols have been prepared to facilitate the protection of the health and safety of players, coaches, tournament staff and spectators as well as provide a safe competition environment.


All players, coaches and tournament officials must agree to follow all National competition protocols and sign the C5PBA waiver and release before the competition.


If any player, coach, or tournament official is showing any signs of illness, they should stay at home. If a player becomes ill during the competition, they should leave the bowling center immediately and the emergency spare will then take over, for the duration of the tournament

Personal Protection Equipment and Practices

Each coach, upon registration, will receive a bottle of personal hand sanitizer and will be asked to keep that bottle for the duration of the tournament. All players must wash and sanitize their hands before and after each game. “All bowlers will use their own personal bowling balls only.  If any bowler does not have their own personal bowling balls, they will be allowed to select two house balls which they will take with them when moving from one lane to another.”. The coach will be allowed to move these balls with them from lane to lane.

It is highly recommended that coaches, spectators, and Judges of Play wear masks at all times. It is recommended that players not participating also wear a mask.

Playing areas as well as the scoring monitor must be wiped down after every game before moving to the next game.

Do not share water bottles with your teammates.

The bowling centre will not provide towels.  Bowlers using a wet towel must keep it in a zip-loc bag and may NOT share it with teammates.

No high 5’s and no shaking of hands before or after each match. No team huddles or fist bumps.

To protect staff, the Tournament Office is off limits to coaches, players and team managers. Only tournament officials will be allowed.

Maintain social distancing from teammates and coaches as well as other players during breaks and competition.

Judges of Play to stay 6 feet from players and coaches at all times


To maintain social distancing each team will be given one pair of lanes to bowl on. Their opponent will be on the adjoining pair of lanes. Team A will bowl their first frame on the odd number lane at the same time Team B is bowling their first frame on their odd lane. After the completion of the first frame both teams will bowl their second frame on their even numbered lane. Each team must wait until everyone, on both teams, has completed their frame before moving to the next frame.

At the completion of each game the teams must stay on their lanes until told to move by the Chief judge of Play. Each coach is asked to wipe down their scoring system after each game.

To maintain social distancing between games after the teams have been given the go ahead to change lanes the home team from the last game will move in the playing area while the visiting team will use the concourse